Breast Surgery

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Most common and popular breast surgery is Breast enlargement or Breast augmentation surgery. Silicone breast implant are most popular way of enhancing breast size and achieving the aesthetically desired and appealing look. It is done after the age of eighteen and if required before that in medically indicated cases. Some girls with unequal breast size or ladies with cancer or non cancer breast surgery may fulfil their dream of near normal breast using breast implant. It is very safe surgery with long lasting results.

Those who do not want Silicone implant may go for natural and safe option. Autologous fat grafting is promising way of breast enlargement. It will require more than one sitting of surgery depending on how much enlargement is planned. Fat is removed from areas like tummy or thighs and is injected to enlarge existing breast size.

Many ladies after pregnancy, sometimes young girls, elderly ladies have heavy breasts.Breast Reduction Surgery will change your life post surgery.

Arinut Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Center
Indication for Breast Reduction Surgery –
  • Backache, Headache
  • Neck pain
  • Poor posture / shoulder grooving
  • Problem with bra size and straps
  • Skin problem like maceration, rashes
  • Lowself esteem due to heavy breast (feel embarresement)
  • Inability to wear desired clothes, difficulty in finding well fitted clothes
  • Difficulty in doing exercise
  • Difficulty in playing sports

Breast Asymmetry – Unequal size of breast can be due to various causes like

  • Congenital (By Birth )
  • Post trauma
  • Post burn deformity
  • Post cancer surgery (Breast conservative surgery / Mastectomy)
  • Poland’s Syndrome

These can be effectively treated with Plastic Surgery.

Patients Story

Arinut Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Center

Rahul Pandey- Gynecomastia

I got perfect result by Dr (Maj) Samiksha Tyagi. She had done my Gynecomastia surgery. Would like to say big thanks !

Ashutosh- Liposuction

Dr (Maj) Samiksha Tyagi is very professional and kind. She has explained me about my surgery thoroughly and has done nice job.The staff is very supportive.

Ashish Kumar- Hair Transplant

I know Dr Samiksha for a very long time. Initially consulted for my scar treatment . When Started to develop Hair thinning , I knew I am in right hands. She explained everything in detail & whole procedure was very confortable. Thaks alot Doctor !

Pradeep- Gynacomastia

I am very happy with the overall Gynacomastia surgery result after 6 months. Dr Samiksha Tyagi has done my surgery. Now I am able to go outside with my friend and also do swimming. I always thanks to Dr. Samiksha to give me confidence and new life.

Suman Gupta- Breast Augmentation

My daughter had enequal breasts & we were so worried about her. One of my friend from army recommended Maj Dr Samiksha for plastic surgery. We opted for breast augmentation with implant & We are so happy with the Results. Thank Dr Samiksha.

Khushi- Ace Scars

I had very bad ace scars since years. Consulted so many doctors but scarring was worsening. Thank God I met Dr. (maj) Samiksha. She did 2 sittings of scar treatment & my scars are beeter, skin is glowing.

Anjali- Breast Reduction

I under went breast reduction surgery. It has been a life changing thing for me . Dr Samiksha is superb surgeon , very caring and skillful as well. Thank you Doctor!


Arinut Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Center